Coffs Regional Brass Band Pics
Coffs Harbour 150 years, huge crowds 20/11/2011 Coffs Harbour 150th celebrations 20/11/2011 Coffs Regional Brass Band 150th celebrations market Foreshores 2011 Coffs Regional Brass Band Foreshore Markets 150 th celebrations 20/11/2011 Fiona, Grant, Allan 2011 150th celebrattions  
    Ken, Gary, Ian 2011   Coffs Regional Brass Band Anzac Day 2013 Alan Jones, Ken Golden, Bill Vitnel, Rex Hardingham. Coffs Brass Band Anzac Day 2013
Band Christmas Party Boambee Reserve 2012, Robyn Golden, Betty O'Niel, Ken Golden, Bill O'Niel. Amy, Nattlie, 150th celebrations, 20/11/2011 Ken Golden Solo Cornet 2013 Amy and Natillie, celerbrating 2011, Foreshores Coffs Regional Brass Band, Bonville Carols, 2012, A good night had by all.
Walda Fawcett, Geoff Fawcett, Jeanett Hudson, Warren Trethewey. 1957 Warren Trethewey, Geoff Fawcett, Ken Golden. 1964

        Ken Golden 1953 age 13

Ken Golden 1953

        Russsel Ashdown age 12 1962 Anzac Day

Russsel Ashdown 1962

Ken Golden front centre, Geoff Fawcett Back centre Soprano Sax, Warwick Rigby on right, Ray Clague no uniform, Bobby Williams on Side Drum, 1964  High St Coffs Harbour. Geoff Fawcett, Orie Potts, Ken Golden, Warren Trethewey, 1957
Grant Rigby and new Eflat Bass Audience Band Concert C.E.X. Club 2013   Magic Slides 2013 C>E.X. Geoff, Norm, Alan, Bill. Concert C.E.X. Club 2013  
C.E.X. 2013 C.E.X. 2013, Grant, Jenny, Geoff, Norm, Bill, Alan.   Coffs Band Dorrigo Show 2013 Troms Magic Slides Dorrigo Show 2013 Christmas Part Geoff  and Judy O'dell's house near Dorrigo Showground, poured rain.  
Ken Golden, Dave Geeson Carols on the Lawn  Salvo's 2013 Salvo's Carols on the Lawn Comunity Centre 2013 Bruce King Drive Coffs Regional Brass Band 2013 Bonville Carols Salvo's Carols on the Lawn 2013     At Marion Grove 17/11/2014
Christmas Bowl 2014, Coffs and Grafton Salvation Army Band  Christmas Bowl 2014 Coffs and Grafton Sallys Aub carolss on the green 2014  Aub Carols on the Green Carolss on the Green  Carols on the Green 2014 Bonville Carols 2014  Bonville Carols 2014   Band on SStage Bonville Carols 2014   Stage Bonville Carols 2014
Bonville Carols  African Drums 2014  African Drums Bonville Carols 2014


Coffs  Brass Band CEX2015 suporting Army Band

Ken, Cathy, Judith, CEX 2015

Geof, Fiona, Alan.CEX 2015

        Aub Gilbertt, 2015 Anzac Day



CEX Dinner Anzac Day 2015 Anzac Day Gordon St. Coffs Regional Brass Band 2015 Bill Vitnel Drum major Anzac Day 2015 Dawn Service Anzac Day2015 Max Walker (cricketer) on stage CEX Anzac Day 2015, Rob Davies  
Coffs Harbour and Macksville Bands High 1970's Coffs, Macksville Bands Moonee St  D.M. Fred Quick 70's Concert Civic Centre Vernon St. Coffs ,Macksville Bands 1970's Kevin Cheers Collectors Fair 2016 Coffs Regional Brass Band Collectors Fair 2016  
    Ken Golden, Last Post 2017 Boambee School Coffs Regional Brass Band Show Ground Collectors Fair 2016 Coffs Regional Brass Band Show Ground Collectors Fair 2016  


  Coffs Band park Beach Reserve 1947 Coffs Band 1940 rotunda pk bch,Bill Golden smalll Boy Coffs Brass Band 1946 Coxs corner Coffs Band 1960, note Grant Rigby ,( small boy on drum) Coffs Band , high and Castle St.1952
Rotunda Park Beach built 1936  
Top left.....Macathy,John Fowler,(mandrake), Rex McCarthy,.... Herb Potts, Rex Perry, ...., Cliff Godwin. Centre."Keith O'Neil, John Pullen, Bill Golden ,(Bandmaster). Max Perry, Bobby Burrel, Ted Firth, Bottom. Hennry Williams, Bill Golden (Snr) Arnie Newman, Cirril Tolhurst, Noel Little, Bernie Hutchby.
Geoff Fawcett, Warrick Rigby, Norm Standing, Max Perry, John Pullen, surf carnival 1952 Park Beach
Coffs Harbour Band High St 1955 Coffs Band 1922 Coffs Harbour Band Park Beach 1955 Coffs Band 1926 Cliff Godwin Bandmaster
Coffs Band 1947, Old Bill Golden Drum Major, Bill Golden jnr,trumpet,Band Master at  rear, John Fowler on other side, Bobby Williams on  side drum
Coffs Band, 1958 School of Arts   Coffs Band 1947
  Coffs Band 1948,Bill Golden jnr. Band master other side,trumpet, near Brelsford Park
Coffs Band, 1952   Coffs Band 1948
Coffs Band, 1978   Coffs Band Sawtell 1956
Coffs Band about 1976  
    Coffs Band Park Beach 1956
Coffs Band, Band room Earl St. 1975 Max Mccrow  
Coffs Harbour Brass Band 1948, Bill Golden centre Bandmaster
Betty O'Neil, Robyn Golden, Botanical Gardens 2009
Coffs Band, Sawtell 1977 Max McCrow Bandmaster   Coffs Regional Band, 2009 Phil, Concert Sawtell 2008 Kevin and Judy 2008 Flugel and tenor horns 2008 Phil, Grace, Mikey,Katlyn,2008 Coleen ,Kevin Cheers, Fiona Scott 2009
Old Band Hall Jetty Beacon Band 1896 Coffs Band 1910 Anzac Band,  Pier Hotel, 1916 Anzac Band 1917 to 1920 Coffs Band 1923
Coffs Band, Jack Frame (BM) and winning Quintet at Wingham March 1935
Bill Vitnel Coffs Regional Band Christmas Party 2009 Coffs Swing Band 1988 (unofficial Coffs Band" BI Centenary") Bill Vitnel,  Laurience Gibson, Merv Allis, Grant Rigby,?? Joan Rodgers Tappers 2009 Coffs Band Sawtell concert Pirates of the carribean Trom section,Coffs Band 2009
  Pirates cornets Giovana Roverie  Festival Queen 1959  
Phil and Sue Vial  Band  Christmas party  2009
Coffs Regional Band Logo
Tenor Horn Solo, You Raise Me Up, Dave Geeson, Rob Davies, Paul Northern, (visitor USA) Bill and Trom section concert 2010 Concert Princess Room Sawtell 2010 Grant Rigby Double Eb Bass 2010 concert Sawtell Coffs Regional Brass Band Sawtell Concert 2010 Coffs Regional Brass Band Juniors 2010 Coffs Regional Brass Band Juniors 2010 Sawtell concert
Ken Golden, Laura Pinkerton, Aub Gilbert,  Ken and Rudy 2010 Dave, Alan, Rex, John, Ken, 2010 Back row: Ken Golden, Rudy Straiten, Errol Grice, Aub Gilbert. Front row: Phil Vial, Natlie Keft. Coffs Regional Brass Band Juniors 2010 Rudy, Laura, Aub, 2010 Sawtell Concert Coffs Regional Brass Band 2010 Sawtell Concert


Coffs Band Incorporated into 13th Bn. C.M.F. 1954 for about 2 years,  Anzac Day Parade 1954 Cot Queen Crown  Jimmy Adams,Martha(Matt) Fawcett,John Rotar, Walda Fawcett, Frank Daalman, Henry Miles  Tug Venetian Carnival    Band Christmas party Boambee Reserve 2010 Robyn Golden, Helen Davies, Rob Davies, Ken Golden.Christmas party 2009
Coffs Regional Brass Band Juniors, Fathers Day 2010 Cornet section 2008  Coffs Harbour Brass Band "Tasma Theatre 1958 opening "Robbery Under Arms" The Dixilanders Botanic Gardens 2009 Bill and grand kids 2008 Coffs Regional Brass Band Juniors Fathers Day Botanical Gardens 2010